Real Estate Marketing Trends for 2019 - Get ready for action!
Real estate is essential to be aware about the new trends to add them to our business plan as soon as possible.
Villa Padierna | 2018-10-04
Villa Padierna Palace Hotel hosts the X Conference on Residential Tourism
The meeting has brought together important professionals from the real estate world and public representatives
Villa Padierna | 2018-06-05
Andalucía Inmobiliaria celebrates its XVIII anniversary by handing out the IV awards
The celebration of the anniversary of the magazine Andalucía Golf took place at the headquarters of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Andalusia
Villa Padierna | 2017-10-27
The Golden Triangle is one of the areas that attracts the most millionaires in Spain.
A total of 348 people bought houses worth more than half a million euros and achieved the GOLD VISA, which grants five years of legal residence in the country.
Villa Padierna | 2017-05-09
2017 starts with a 26% increase in new construction visas
2017 began its number of permits with an increase of 26.1% year-on-year in January, reaching 6,234 new homes.
Villa Padierna | 2017-04-05
La Costa del Sol says goodbye to the bad press and sounds again strongly in the markets.
La Costa del Sol is located among the most desirable areas for the promotion of new hotels.
Villa Padierna | 2017-04-03