La Costa del Sol says goodbye to the bad press and sounds again strongly in the markets.

With regard to investment, the data endorse the leadership of localities such as Marbella, which adds to its long list of claims the benefit generated by instability and restrictions of competition. The bad moment of countries like Tunisia or Turkey, together with the exhaustive control of the offer practiced by Madrid and Barcelona, ??have placed the Costa del Sol among the most desired areas for the promotion of new hotels. "There are queues of investors trying to enter here," says Bernal. \ R \ nFor the moment, the projects that have come to light have support. Entreverado capital, of very diverse origin and linked to leading brands specialized in launching projects. All a guarantee. At least, starting. Some expectations that do not disappoint other points such as Estepona and Benahavis or Torremolinos, which had a handful of decades apart from this type of interests. Ricardo Arranz, owner of Villa Padierna and president of the Andalusian Federation of Urbanizers and Residential Tourism , insists on the excellent reputation of the coast of Malaga, which has managed to get back on track and equipped with enviable facilities to interconnect proposals. According to the businessman, the province meets all the requirements to build in these years an economy that, in terms of capital inflow, could guarantee its future for the next five decades. Yes, as long as Malaga acts with skill and knows how to play his cards, which, in his opinion, implies an adaptation work. Both on the part of the administration and the businessmen, who are encouraged to change their mentality and adjust to the new times. Arranz warns that the investors who are now planning on the coast, although with determination and drive, are very different from those that 20 years ago began to populate the province of urbanizations. Money has changed hands, it belongs to a new generation that speaks a new language, fully linked in its commercial modes to technology and real estate exploitation formats of a hybrid nature, which at the same time admit the enjoyment of the property with the holiday use and hotelier. \ r \ nThe developer of Villa Padierna believes that Marbella still has a lot to say, especially regarding the installation of luxury brands such as those that season Puerto Banús, which is what the public in the area demands. A basic issue, and on which the degree of development will depend, is the agility of the administration, which has to learn to anticipate and respond immediately to the requirements. \ R \ nIn the residential tourism sector, the It is a feeling that institutions operate with an overwhelming bureaucracy, which means that many projects finally end up being installed in other EU countries. «I give you the example of the Golden Visa, which is the visa that is granted for those who acquire properties of more than 500,000 euros. In Spain it is working, but for every card that is made here in Portugal, thirty are issued. We take a lot, "he points out. \ R \ nThe concerns of Arranz are shared by Ricardo Bocanegra, president of the Federation of Foreigners' Associations of the Costa del Sol and owner of one of the offices in the province to which more international consultations related with the acquisition of mansions and second residences. The specialist swells the list of aspects to improve with the criticism of the overzealousness of the banks, which are putting more obstacles in the account to buyers from countries like Iran, despite the lifting of international sanctions. Bacanegra is supporter of positive discrimination and advocates to establish advantages and incentives for investors. Or, at least, to reduce tax obstacles, which include the obligation to declare in Spain all the assets that are held abroad. "This makes sense for Spaniards, but not for outside residents," he says. \ R \ nThe route is undoubtedly wide. And although you should not lower your guard, the first step, the most difficult, is done. The money wants to come to Malaga. And, in addition, wanting to transform, to continue moving through business, hotels, leisure complexes and restaurants.