Real Estate Marketing Trends for 2019 - Get ready for action!

With 2019 fast approaching, now it is time to prepare for the New Year. Especially in a very competitive market as real estate is essential to be aware about the new trends to add them to our business plan as soon as possible. What can we expect from 2019 in terms of real estate marketing? According to our team of professional, these are the 5 future trends to look out for in the next year. -Online presence. A great website is the first step to guarantee your digital presence but nowadays, it is not enough. A virtual assistant is mandatory. In our chat box you could speak directly with one of our experts. He will provide all the information about the property you are interested on or other information about the region, the market or the legal and fiscal information. -Digital, but without lose the personal touch. All the people move around technologies but, we couldn´t forget that our client are real people and they are looking for a “sweet home”. We give you special treatment, we understand your problems and speak your language so, buying a house will be a good experience. -Social media to strength relationships. Thanks to social networks, nowadays, the people are closer than ever to real state. We are interconnected all time and we can solve any questions quickly. We use social media because we could want to be close to our client to find the perfect house for them. -Creativity to surprise. For clients, the brand image and creativity is one of the most important reasons to choose a company. For your web and social networks, we have to use high quality pictures, real images of the houses, maps and creatives to image your future home. -Listen to act, because Marketing is all ears. Right now, we have lot of tools to listen our clients and it´s necessary to have success. You can detect customer needs, the type of houses they prefer, if they need additional services as credits or interior design and much more. For this reason, we listen to you and have the best experts to get your home. There are the most important steps to navigate with good rhythm in the real state market and new technologies, and also, these steps are essential for us to give you the best experience.