If you have property and you want to sell it, there are a few points that should be taken into account. Getting advice from a professional will get you better results in less time, thus optimizing the whole selling process.


Firstly, you have to be aware that the market is complex, especially when it comes to the Costa del Sol, which is very competitive. At Villa Padierna Collection we have extensive experience in working in the region, we are experts in this area and the results go to show it.

It is very important to know what the specific features of the market are to be able to work efficiently. In terms of Marbella for example, the second home market is huge and it attracts clients from all around the world.

Buyers who are looking for property in this region want a second or third residence that is normally used for holidays or for a few days of rest during the year. There is also the spending power of the clients and their interest in buying luxury property that satisfies all their needs: comfort, technology, innovation.


Defining the sales strategy and setting the price of the property are the first steps. Knowledge of the market is essential and the key to this is having a professional who carries out an in-depth study.

Setting the price that you would like to get from the real estate agent is not enough; you have to know the real market price. The most effective way of doing this is comparing your property with others that are similar in the area, which have been sold recently or are for sale.

The characteristics of the property and the fact that there are similar properties on the market will also make the price vary. The more exclusive your property is the more distinct values it has and the higher your asking price can be. A professional will help you ask the right price, at the right time.


Real estate agencies usually charge 5% commission + VAT. It is a very clever investment option because having an expert will enable you to get the maximum out of the sale, by optimizing time. A real estate professional will take care of everything involved in the sale: advertising the property, scheduling the visits, dealing with the clients and the whole sales process directly with the buyer.


And even more so today. This idiom makes more sense than ever before seeing as pictures nowadays have become the most important element in decision making. Both in photographs, which are used on the website, in other advertising media and in the visits to the property, it has to be impeccable. Attention has to be paid to everything right down to the tiniest detail, just like in the buying process; you need to have the best specialists to convey a beautiful and appealing image.


The more people visit your property the faster you are going to sell it. Give the keys to the estate agent, who will show it to all the potential clients who are interested in it. Availability and accessibility are essential during the sales process and when there is a lot of competition.


The key part of the whole buying process is the negotiation. In all cases Villa Padierna Collection recommends having the professionals who will help make the process go smoothly. An estate agent will help you in the negotiation, although you will also need the advice of a lawyer and a tax advisor.


A down payment is given along with this agreement, the amount paid will be established between the parties and it will depend on the purchase terms and the dates agreed on. In general, the down payment is about 10% of the total price if the sale is going to be completed in the next 30 to 60 days. Once the total sale price of the property has been paid, the seller will draw up the deed of sale in favour of the buyer of the property, which is free of encumbrances and debts and it will be signed before the notary and be temporarily registered in the Land Registry.